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Schuylkill Medical Imaging

Schuylkill Medical Imaging is located in the Evergreen Professional Suites at 48 Tunnel Road, Pottsville, Pa. Already operating with two (2) MRI machines using the open and closed options, Computed Tomography (CT) and X-ray are the most commonly performed medical imaging test. The plan has been exercised to bring additional services in the form of Ultrasound and 3D Mammography.
Heim Construction Team began the reconstruction effort to build out the new area for the Ultra Sound & Mammography service. In addition, Heim constructed an ADA-compliant bathroom and changing area, and also restyled and constructed the new reception area. Of special note, a large hand-painted original David Naddock work had to be saved and rehung in the reception area. Tedious and lots of TLC.