The Historic Bischoff House - Head House

Heim Construction Co. Inc., awarded best restoration/renovation (e.g. historical restorations and renovations of existing buildings) from the Associated Builders and Contractors Inc.

The Bischoff Inn renovation project revitalizes and enhances the historic Conrad Bischoff Furniture Factory & Planning Mill, located in Tamaqua, Pennsylvania. This project entailed a comprehensive renovation to transform the building into a premier destination for travelers and locals alike. 

The primary objectives of the project are as follows:

  • Preservation of Historic Charm
  • Renovation and Modernization
  • Enhanced Guest Experience
  • Community Engagement
  • Economic Impact

Overall, the Bischoff Inn renovation seeks to breathe new life into this historic landmark, preserving its heritage while embracing modern comforts. Through careful planning, collaboration and a commitment to excellence, the project aims to position the Bischoff Inn as a premier destination, attracting visitors and fostering economic growth in Tamaqua, Pennsylvania. 

A group photo of people posing for a photo
Before and After Exterior
Old photo of a building
Home's roof with 2 windows
Home interior ready to be remodeled
Custom home interior design
Bischoff Sitting Area
A front door of a home
A home interior remodeled
Home's hallway